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Rosewood Rowan Mobile Homes Eugene OR
Community Resources

Rosewood and Rowan Mobile Home communities are conveniently located to many area shopping and services in the Eugene Oregon area.

Eugene Oregon Area Shopping & Services

Barger Drive at Beltline: distance 1-1/2 miles
Medical Center, Discount Groceries, Gas, Fast Food, Library, Pizza, Pharmacy, Videos, Parcel Shipping, Oil & Lube, Closeout Store

Royal Avenue: distance 2 miles
Groceries, Department Store, Gas, Restaurants, Pizza, Convenience Store, Parcel Shipping, Bank, Videos

Hwy 99: Distance 2-1/4 miles
4 mile stretch of highway has auto/RV dealerships and service. Fast Food, Bowling, Farm Supply, Building Materials, Lawn & Garden, Auto Parts and Salvage, Retail, Medical Center, Lodging.

West 11th Avenue: 4 miles
4 mile stretch of road has Automotive Services, Department Stores, Other Retail, Gas, Food, Building/Lawn & Garden, Post Office, DMV.

River Rd: 5 miles
5 Shopping Centers, Post Office, Food, Gas, Banking, Crafts, Thrift, Groceries, Automotive Services.

Coburg Rd: 8 miles
2 Shopping Centers – 1 retail & 1 membership (Costco)

Valley River Center: 7-1/2 miles
Retail Mall, Lodging, Auto Dealerships, etc.

Gateway Mall: 8-3/4 miles
Hospital, Lodging, Retail Mall, Interstate 5, Food, Gas

Downtown Eugene
City and County Offices 7 to 9.5 miles depending on route chosen – University of Oregon and typical downtown fare.

Eugene Oregon Local Area Schools located nearby Rosewood & Rowan Park Mobile Home Communities

Shasta Middle School
4656 Barger Drive Eugene, OR

Meadow View School
1855 Legacy St Eugene OR

Clear Lake Elementary School
4646 Barger Drive Eugene OR

Bethel School District
4640 Barger Drive Eugene OR

Kalapuya School
1200 N Terry Street Eugene OR

Danebo Elementary School
1265 Candlelight Drive Eugene OR

Willamette High School
1801 Echo Hollow Rd Eugene OR

Cascade Middle School
1525 Echo Hollow Rd Eugene OR

Prairie Mountain School
5305 Royal Avenue Eugene OR

World Creations Silent
90000 Prairie Road Eugene OR